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My Brother's Blood Machine Trade Paperback Novel

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It’s finally here! The My Brother’s Blood Machine miniseries is collected in this trade paperback. Includes cover gallery, art gallery from series artist Andrew Ritchie, and MORE!

A new era of slasher horror is born! A teenage girl desperate to escape from an abusive home. A high school misfit wrongfully accused of murder. An abominable secret waiting in the woods. Margretville is troubled, but they’ve no idea the disturbing truths looming beneath the surface of their otherwise picturesque town.

From the creative mind of CLAUDIO SANCHEZ, written by STEVE NILES, and brought to life with art from ANDREW RITCHIE, this long-awaited series based on THE PRIZE FIGHTER INFERNO’S debut album of the same name is sure to shock, satisfy, and terrify.

184 pages. Cover by Andrew Ritchie.

Street date is November 8th, 2023.

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